I graduated in 2017 from Het Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in Graphic Design. After that I thought about which steps I wanted to take in my future career and came to the conclusion that I wanted to pursue a career in animation. Currently I’m a third year student at St Joost School of Art & Design in Breda, studying Illustrated & Animated Storytelling.

What drew me to animation is how through storytelling you can show children and grown ups new perspectives of the world. 
I find diversity and representation really important so that people can see themselves and also learn about others. Aside from animation I'm also creating illustrations, concept art and exploring 3D modelling. To me it's really important to always grow and learn new skills that I can use for different projects. 

I'm really passionate about graffiti and the hiphop culture. In my spare time I try to paint and create fun little side projects for myself. I also enjoy snowboarding and expanding my Vans sneaker collection. 
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